Seton Northwest Hospital

SNW Quick Facts

*Does not include physicians
Patient Days: 17,414Deliveries: 1,402
Average Daily Census: 47.57
Neonatal ICU Days: 834
Average Length of Stay: 3.17
Employees*: 409
ER Visits: 29,112Licensed Beds: 117
Outpatient Visits: 49,382
BSN or Higher Rate: 64.02%
Inpatient Surgical Visits: 1,098Certificate Rate: 22.90%
Outpatient Surgical Visits: 2,828


Saving Lives on the Way to Work

Allison Jones, a PACU nurse at Seton Northwest, put her skills to use outside of the hospital when she witnessed a serious car crash and saved 16 lives in one day, all on her way to work.

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