Seton Medical Center Austin

SMCA Quick Facts

*Does not include physicians
Patient Days: 101,023Neonatal ICU Days: 10,237
Average Daily Census: 276.02Open Heart Cases: 282
Average Length of Stay: 4.88Employees*: 2,223
ER Visits: 32,793Licensed Beds: 530
Outpatient Visits: 83,832BSN or HIgher Rate: 65.74%
Inpatient Surgical Visits: 5,687Certification Rate: 21.13%
Outpatient Surgical Visits: 7,994Deliveries: 4,757


Decreasing Use of Sedatives for Ventilated Patients

Prolonged use of sedatives can make a recovery more difficult for patients using a ventilator. A new Sedation Lightening Protocol for ventilated patients has resulted in numerous benefits, including greater patient involvement in their plan of care.

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Lowering CLABSI Rates in the ICU

Our SMCA nurses reduced central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) through a safety initiative launched in response to increasing rates of infection. This lowered the CLABSI rate in the Intermediate Care Unit from 5.87 to 0.

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Modifying the Seton Infant Skin Risk Assessment Tool

debbie vanceDebbie Vance, MSN, RN, headed a study to determine the best ways to reduce pressure ulcers and skin breakdown in hospitals. Her review included data on 87 babies with skin wounds.

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