The Nurses Behind the Children’s Comprehensive Care Center

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The Children’s Comprehensive Care Clinic is a primary care clinic dedicated to the care of children with complex medical issues. Developed as a pilot project by Ascension Seton, the clinic was created to rethink and redesign the way healthcare is delivered to medically fragile children and their families.

Today, the CCC serves as the medical home for more than 500 children. Medical, behavioral and psychosocial services are all available under one roof and the nursing staff provide case management and care coordination. Typically, a host of individuals and agencies are involved in the child’s care ranging from pediatric subspecialists and private duty nurses to durable medical equipment suppliers and therapists. The goal is to improve the care while easing the stress of coordinating the care required for these children.

The CCC is currently staffed by a total of 11 nurses and nurse practitioners, including RN Case Managers: Erica Licon RN, Amy Hillen RN, Alice Jefferson RN, Janna Kleinman RN and Kayla Cemper-Davis RN; Program Manager, Kendall Sharp, RN, CPNP; Valerie MacLaurin RN, CPNP, Jennifer Murray RN, CPNP, Lindsey Warren-Davis, RN, PMHNP, Grace Chimene RN, CPNP; and Nurse Researcher, Mari-Ann Alexander, PhD, RN.

Kendall Sharp

Program Manager, Kendall Sharp, RN, CPNP

One of the unique features of the CCC is that it adheres to a primary nursing model in which five RN case managers are each assigned a caseload of 100 children. “With our primary care model, our families have a single point of contact to have their needs met. They may access their primary nurse by her mobile phone directly,” said Kendall.

The CCC model is designed not only to improve the quality of care, but to reduce caregiver stress. “Our overarching goal as nurses at the CCC is to try and increase the number of well days for our children so that they can get back to the business of being a child. We also want our parents to enjoy their child again. If we can move the needle a little bit by helping coordinate the delivery of durable medical equipment or by calling the emergency room ahead of time to explain a child’s complex medical history, then we feel like we have done a good thing,” said Kendall.

Because CCC nurses are dealing with children with life-limiting illnesses, the team works hard to promote a healthy work environment. Every month, the CCC sponsors “Lunch and Learn” with Ascension Seton Cove to guide the team through mindfulness activities. The clinic also offers a flexible work environment since nurses frequently have to go to Dell Children’s to see their patients and can also do work from home.

“I am so proud of our team of nurses,” said Kendall. “They have such vast knowledge and training and are truly committed to their patients.”