Ascension Seton RN Fellowship

Ascension Seton RN Fellowship is a new program launched in 2016 to help experienced nurses successfully transition to a new clinical practice specialty. Lois Kimmel, MSN, RN, CNE and Chipo Ndlovu, PhD, RN, RN-BC are leaders of the program, which is offered three times a year with cohorts starting in July, October and February. The program includes a combination of classroom and online instruction, simulation and one-on-one preceptor support and is completed in 6 months. The length of preceptorship varies by specialty and each RN individual progress and competency attainment.

Available Specialties

Positions vary based on hiring needs and include the following specialties:

  • Adult and pediatric critical care (ICU/IMC)
  • Adult and pediatric emergency department (ED)
  • Adult and pediatric operating room (OR)
  • Behavioral health
  • Pediatric acute care

Program Description

The program is facilitated in five sessions that emphasize professional growth and leadership:

  • Becoming a Beginner Again
  • Relationships: Building, Maintaining, Culture, Support
  • Professional Development and Change
  • Opportunities in Self-Care
  • Celebration and Sharing of Fellowship Project

At the end of the program, the RNs are fully prepared for independent practice, which is demonstrated by the RN and validated with a skill checklist for each practice specialty.


To be eligible for Ascension Seton RN Fellowship, associates must:

  • Meet RN II clinical ladder requirements.
  • Have a minimum of 18 months of full-time nursing experience; two or more years of experience is preferred.
  • Have a manager reference

Additional preferred qualifications include: unit and council participation, demonstrated professional growth and development and a track record of high clinical and professional standards.

Interested nurses must complete a Nursing Fellowship Interest Form. Human resources recruiters contact qualified RNs who have completed the form to discuss the available positions and next steps. Panel interviews with the hiring managers are conducted to complete the selection process.


Jose Bacalanmo, a fifth floor RN (Med/Surg unit), was one of nine nurses at SMCA who entered into the October clinical transition fellowship creating a smooth transition into the Intermediate Care Unit (IMC). The nurse educator and clinical manager met with Jose on a weekly basis and as needed to ensure an optimal transition into independent practice on the IMC and to help close any knowledge gaps. Because of this program, Jose has voiced gratitude for the opportunity to pursue professional growth in a higher acuity level of patient care and ability to maintain a nursing role at SMCA. He met all the required competencies for independent practice upon completion of the program and is functioning at the same level as many of the other experienced nurses on the unit.