Clinical Ladder V Projects

Seton established the Clinical Ladder in 1996 as a way for nurses to deepen their skills and professional growth. In 2014, Seton began the transition from a Clinical Ladder based on points accumulated (for attending meetings, joining committees) to one based on actions and evidence of outcomes (focusing on research or quality improvement projects). The goal of Clinical Ladder Modernization is to encourage and recognize nurses who engage in critical thinking and make a positive contribution in patient care.

RN V is the highest level of the Clinical Ladder. In 2015, two Seton nurses completed RN V research projects:

Anna Rivera, DHA, MSN/ED, RN

“Augmented Reality vs. Traditional Instructional Methods: A Quantitative Comparison of Nurse Knowledge and Satisfaction with Peritoneal Dialysis Training.”

Debbie Vance, MSN, RN

“Alarm safety! Driving outcomes with evidence-based oxygen therapy and safe monitoring practices.”