Ascension Seton Smithville

SSRH Quick Facts

Level IV Trauma Center

*Does not include physicians
Patient Days: 929Employees*: 119
Average Daily Census: 2.55Licensed Beds: 36
Average Length of Stay: 3.39Registered Nurses: 19
ER Visits: 7,226BSN or Higher Rate: 42.11%
Outpatient Visits: 28,052Certification Rate: 10.53%
Inpatient Surgical Visits: 5
Outpatient Surgical Visits: 111


It’s Always a Good Day Working with Nancy...

Every nursing unit has one or two nurses who have a way of brightening everyone’s day. At Ascension Seton Smithville Regional Hospital, one of those nurses is Daisy Award winner, Nancy Absnaider, RN.

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