Saving Lives at the SNW Maternity Unit

Charge nurse Kim Cser, BSN, CNS, OB-RNC and Nicole Mathe, RN.

Charge nurse Kim Cser, BSN, CNS, OB-RNC and Nicole Mathe, RN.

Ascension Seton Northwest is a neighborhood hospital with a busy maternity unit that’s primarily for low-risk deliveries under 32 weeks. However, in the middle of the night last year, the expert caregivers at Ascension Seton Northwest sprang into action and saved a mother and 28-week old baby’s life.

The mother arrived at the hospital complaining of shoulder pain. She was placed in a bed and put on a fetal heart rate monitor. When the medical team determined that her pain was not obstetrical in nature, they planned to send her down for a CT scan to see if they could find another cause for her pain.

But that never happened. In the course of just a few moments, the fetal heart rate monitor showed that the baby was in distress exhibiting heart rhythms.

The team determined that they needed to do a C-section right away.

Within minutes, the mother was being prepped for surgery. Soon after, her baby was safely delivered and transferred to the NICU at Dell Children’s. Mom, who lost two liters of blood, spent the night in the ICU at Ascension Seton Northwest and was then transferred to the post-partum unit. “You never would have known that she had gone through such an ordeal,” said Tracey Wiedenfeld RN, BSN, the maternity manager at Ascension Seton Northwest.

As it turned out, the mom had undiagnosed placenta percreta, a serious complication of pregnancy in which the placenta attaches itself and grows through the uterus, sometimes extending to nearby organs, such as the bladder.

Kim Cser, RN, was one of the nurses who helped orchestrate the quick and safe delivery of this tiny baby. Dr. Sonja Lee Yoo, the physician who delivered the baby, nominated Kim for a Daisy Award. “Kim was absolutely critical in making good decisions and ensuring the best possible outcome for mother and baby… She displayed excellent nursing skills, while communicating effectively with the team and instructing new nurses. She provided warm and compassionate care during a difficult situation for the patient.”

“The entire team came together and did their jobs to the letter to ensure a fast, quick and safe delivery of this tiny baby.” – Tracey Wiedenfeld RN, BSN, maternity manager at Ascension Seton Northwest.