Nursing Annual Report 2015

I continue to be in awe of Ascension Seton nurses. Your strength, skill and commitment to our patients and families is truly second to none. Your genuine caring spirit and compassion for the poor and vulnerable epitomize Seton’s dedication to personal care…family-centered health care that thinks with its heart.

As you will read in the stories contained in this year’s Annual Report, Ascension Seton nurses embody both the science and art of nursing. On any given day, Ascension Seton nurses may be leading a new evidence-based protocol that saves the lives of tiny babies or organizing a spontaneous wedding ceremony so that a sick mother can dance with her son.

On behalf of the entire Ascension Seton executive team, I want to thank you for all you do to ensure that we deliver on the personal care promise. I would also like to offer a special congratulation to all of our nurses who earned degrees in higher education or certifications this year.

With deep admiration,

Yvonne VanDyke, MSN, RN
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellow
Chief Nursing Officer, Ascension Seton

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