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Holiday unhappiness: Understanding seasonal mood disorders

Holiday unhappiness: Understanding seasonal mood disorders Seasonal Affective Disorder likely tied to existing condition Gloomy weather and earlier sunsets during the holidays can cause some people to feel blue. But how do you know if your sadness is related to the dreary weather, or something else? Newest information released by the American Psychiatric…
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‘Special K’ for depression?

‘Special K’ for depression? ‘Special K’ for depression? FDA considers party drug for treatment  If you suffer from major depression, it’s possible your doctor might prescribe the party drug known as “Special K,” or ketamine, to help you. In August, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classified ketamine as a drug that…
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Back Pain? Meditate on It

Back Pain? Meditate on It Mindfulness May Help Manage Chronic Lower Back Pain Chronic lower back pain is a common issue among adults. Some might turn to medications or even surgery for a quick fix. But less aggressive treatments such as mindfulness-based stress reduction may be a better option to…
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Coping with a Parent’s Death

Coping with a Parent’s Death Two celebrities, Ultimate Fighting Champion, Ronda Rousey, and comedian Sarah Silverman, opened up recently about depression after losing a parent. In an Entertainment Tonight interview, Silverman talked about her upcoming movie, I Smile Back, where she plays a character struggling with depression. Silverman, famous for making…
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Generations Program Tackles Depression in Older Adults

A KVUE-TV medical report spotlighted the Ascension Seton Mind Institute’s Generations outpatient program for senior adults at Ascension Seton Northwest Hospitalwho fear they may be falling into depression. ‘Depression is the most treatable thing,’ Debbie Kinsey, a clinical social worker, told KVUE. ‘It’s not an inevitable outcome of getting old. It’s one of…
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