Where to receive psychiatric emergency care after Aug. 31


Ascension Seton makes urgent mental health care more accessible in Austin

 In preparation to return the University Medical Center Brackenridge campus back to Central Health, Seton’s Psychiatric Emergency Department (SPED) will be integrated within the emergency department at Dell Ascension Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas, starting Aug. 31 at 7 a.m.

SPED is currently housed at the 2 North entrance of the UMC Brackenridge campus.

Seton is part of Ascension, the largest nonprofit health system in the U.S. and the world’s largest Catholic health system.

Putting patient-centered care at the forefront

Ascension Seton is committed to providing the right care at the right time, with the patient’s needs at the center of everything we do.

When psychiatric patients need to be transferred from SPED to Dell Ascension Seton for additional medical care, time is often of the essence. Because the SPED is currently located across the street from Dell Ascension Seton, the process can be inconvenient for patients. In order to provide higher quality and more patient-centered care, especially with the recent opening of our new hospital, we are embedding psychiatric emergency services within the broader emergency medical services we provide.

After Aug. 31, patients will have fully integrated emergency medical and psychiatric care within the Dell Ascension Seton emergency department. A psychiatric care physician will be available 24/7 for the patient, making it easier to receive the full spectrum of care in the same location.

Minimizing patient transfers also decreases the risk of patient safety – another way we fulfill our commitment to the best care possible for you and your family.

If I am a patient visitor, where can I find my loved one?

Family members and visitors of psychiatric emergency room patients may call 512-324-7000 for information about their loved one.

A community-wide continuum of care

Ascension Seton is proud to be a part of Travis County’s crisis care system. As a strong community partner, we are working closely with Integral Care to coordinate our psychiatric crisis services with those at the newly opened Judge Guy Herman Center for Mental Health Crisis Care, and its Mobile Crisis Outreach and Psychiatric Emergency Services programs.

Together with Integral Care and other local emergency departments, Ascension Seton continues to develop an optimal crisis care continuum to provide the best care possible for the Central Texas community.