New Immunotherapy Drugs to Fight Cancer


scientist in lab with test tubesThe fight against cancer just got a little easier. The traditional approach to cancer treatment includes surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

A fairly new method of treatment, immunotherapy, is also proving to be a strong ally in the cancer battle.

Innovative Treatment Bolsters Immune Response

Immunotherapy uses the immune system to attack cancer cells. Designed to work in partnership with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, immunotherapy bolsters the immune response to help the body fight cancer, and Ascension Seton doctors are optimistic that immunotherapy can help against even the deadliest form of cancer, lung cancer.

“Even to this day, so many doctors believe when you’re diagnosed with lung cancer there’s really nothing to do about it. But that’s just not true at all,” says Boone Goodgame, MD, Ascension Seton medical oncologist and assistant professor of internal medicine at Dell Medical School.

Quality Cancer Care

New immunotherapy drugs continue to get FDA approval, which was welcome news for Ron Durst. Durst had been diagnosed with Stage III lung cancer, and the cancer wasn’t responding well to chemotherapy treatments.

“About six months after he was diagnosed, his cancer progressed, he ended up with Stage IV cancer,” said Goodgame. “And at that time, one of these new drugs had become available.”

Since beginning the immunotherapy treatment, Durst’s cancer has gone into remission. Part of Durst’s cancer care includes getting an infusion every two weeks.

“I thank God every morning,” said Durst. “I can look forward to a long and healthy life, which before, might not have been.”