Back-to-School Sleep Schedule


Sleeping on HomeworkNow is the time for parents to start thinking about getting their kids back on a routine ahead of the start of school.

FOX 7’s Ann Wyatt Little talked with Dr. J. Brain Kang, medical director of the Sleep Program at Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, about the best way to get kids ready.

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Dr. J Brian Kang urges parents to start the process gradually.

“Maybe a couple of mornings start pushing that wakeup time a little bit earlier,” Kang said.

While most parents tend to move up the actual bedtime, Kang suggests focusing on the wakeup time.

“It’s not so much about the time kids go to bed, but the time they wake up,” he said. “It’s actually hard to force someone to fall asleep, but if you can maintain a routine wakeup time, it’s much easier for the brain to work backwards.”

According to Kang, sleep has a tremendous effect on the overall health and development of children. Not getting enough of sleep can cause a deficit in terms of neurocognitive function, which can result in a child’s poor performance in school.

Dr. Kang also recommends limiting screen time for children and putting away electronic devices including computers, tablets, cell phones and televisions at least one hour before bedtime.