World-Famous Austin Marathon Runner Thanks Ascension Seton Nurses


Just 10 days after a captivating performance in the Austin Marathon, Hyvon Ngetich returned to Austin.

Ngetich led the women’s race the entire 26.2-mile route, only to collapse within sight of the finish line. With her legs failing and the Ascension Seton medical team close by, she waived off assistance and crawled the remaining 450 feet.

In so doing, Ngetich captured the world’s attention with her grit and determination, finishing in third place. Her remarkable perseverance appeared on international TV, broadcast from Japan to Kenya, Mexico to Peru.

“If we’d known we were going to be on national TV, we might have prettied ourselves up a bit more,” joked Shirley Borgmann, RN, BSN, medical director, special events.

As soon as Ngetich crossed the finish line, she was helped to the Ascension Seton medical tent for treatment. She made a quick recovery and returned to Mexico where she lives and trains. But she made a special trip back to Austin to meet the Ascension Seton medical team.

“I just came back to say thank you,” Ngetich said.

Watch the video from the news conference below. Stories were also featured on KVUE, FOX7 and Texas television stations beyond Austin.