Jose’s Story: A Firsthand Account of Humancare


José Lopez drank 50 Dr Peppers a week, lived off a fast food diet and rarely exercised. It was a lifestyle he maintained for years before learning his habits were costing him his health.

In early 2013, he began suffering from blurry vision, shortness of breath and fatigue. After his symptoms grew worse, Lopez checked in to the ER at Seton Northwest where doctors told him his blood sugar levels were three times above normal. Hospital staff talked to Lopez about diabetes and connected him to a team of diabetic nurses and counselors at Seton McCarthy Community Health Center.

Remarkably, in a matter of months, with the help and guidance of Seton staff and his own determination, Lopez lowered his blood sugar to near normal levels.

Watch the video below for an inspiring story on Humancare from diabetes educators who encouraged Lopez to break old habits and start a healthy life.