New Ascension Seton Breast Care Center Now Open at Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin


Combining the latest technology with personal attention and emotional support throughout each patient’s cancer journey, the new Ascension Seton Breast Care Center at Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin will offer Central Texas women a new level of medical care and support.

“Ascension Seton Breast Care Center is an example of Ascension Seton living out its focus on person-centered care and building a continuum of care,” said Kate Henderson, president of the Ascension Seton Central Group of Hospitals. “It provides breast care in the most holistic sense, encompassing not just the medical but also the spiritual, educational, social and emotional components.”

Beginning with screening services, patients are guided through procedures, results and given breast health education. Should breast cancer be diagnosed, specially trained oncology nurse treatment navigators are available to answer questions and support patients throughout their cancer journey, coordinating patient care. Nurse navigators also help patients with tips on maintaining health beyond treatment.

Advanced imaging for screening, diagnosis and early detection is also available including breast biopsy, breast sonography, bone density scan and breast 3T MRI. Digital 3D Mammography (Tomosynthesis) shows a higher quality image more detail than traditional mammography and, as a result, smaller abnormalities can be detected earlier. The recall rate for additional screening due to questionable results is also greatly reduced with digital 3D Mammography.

“The collaboration between Ascension Seton, our community leaders and community physicians and fundraisers has been remarkable,” Sandy Miller, Ascension Seton’s network director of clinical oncology said. “We’ve worked tirelessly for the past three years hearing from all stakeholders in the community and incorporated those ideas to create the most exciting facility for women in Central Texas.”

Exciting and unique, the facility provides patients with tones of luxury and femininity. Additional features include relaxing, spa-like lounges and waiting rooms, private dressing rooms complete with comfy robes, and even a Ascension Seton Breast Care Center boutique specifically created for breast cancer patients and survivors.

Three and a half years in the making, the Ascension Seton Breast Care Center is a dream come true for Susan Lubin and Macia Levy. As co-chairs of the steering committee, Lubin and Levy drove fundraising efforts that helped raise more than $6.5 million dollars to complete the facility.

“We had a vision to recreate the medical landscape of breast care in Central Texas, to ensure a center focused around the patients and their families’ needs,” Susan Lubin and Marcia Levy said. “Words are inadequate to express our sentiments as the doors open and patients are seen in this state-of-the-art facility.”

More than 1,000 individual donors contributed to this effort, including many Ascension Seton employees. A special piece of art entitled Where Hope Takes Flight resides in the Ascension Seton Breast Care Center, incorporating the fingerprints of many of the donors and volunteers who put their mark on the center, leaving a legacy of love for all who follow.