Generations Program Tackles Depression in Older Adults


A KVUE-TV medical report spotlighted the Ascension Seton Mind Institute’s Generations outpatient program for senior adults at Ascension Seton Northwest Hospitalwho fear they may be falling into depression.

‘Depression is the most treatable thing,’ Debbie Kinsey, a clinical social worker, told KVUE. ‘It’s not an inevitable outcome of getting old. It’s one of the most treatable and common ailments of senior adults.’

Kinsey conducts many of the talk therapy sessions. She said the biggest hurdle is getting older patients to realize depression is an illness, not a weakness.

A free assessment can be provided to see if you or someone you care about is an older adult experiencing depression. You also can call (512) 324-2039 or (877) 918-2039 to schedule an initial appointment with a counselor.