Woman in Labor Rescued During Rainstorm, Delivers Baby at Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin



Jamie Jatzlau went into labor the same night a violent rainstorm poured over Central Texas on Oct. 30. She and her husband Mark left their home near Spicewood Springs Road. and were on their way to the hospital when the couple was forced to turn around because of rising water from Bull Creek.

“At that point the flood waters were up a foot and a half already at the low water crossings,” Jamie said.

After Mark called for help, Austin/Travis County Emergency Medical Services realized it would be a difficult rescue. Crews couldn’t forge the creek’s high, rushing water by ambulance so they considered sending a boat, but the current was too strong. An initial STAR Flight attempt was cancelled because of weather conditions.

Mark, a nurse and manager of the intensive care unit at University Medical Center Brackenridge, knew Jamie was not a candidate for a home birth.

“I started to get worried as the night progressed that I would have to deliver at home,” Mark said. “I’m just glad we didn’t have to go to plan B.”

Six hours later, STAR Flight returned. Crews were able to evacuate the family and transported them to Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin.

“We knew we crossed the finish line pretty much at that point,” Mark said.

Trent Maverick Jatzlau was born on Halloween morning weighing 7 pounds, 11 ounces and measuring 20 inches long. Mark and Jamie decided on the name Trent because they not only liked the name, but after the event of his birth it seemed fitting. The name stems from a British river and has historical elements referencing “through, across,” “travel, journey” and “trespasser, a reference to frequent flooding,” according to the White Pages’ Names reference website.

“I’m just so grateful to all the first responders and the folks who worked hard to get us here,” Jamie said. “This will definitely go in the baby book.”