Register to Give the Gift: April is National Donate Life Month


AUSTIN,Texas – (April 11, 2013) – April is National Donate Life Month, during which people are encouraged to register as organ, tissue and eye donors. Due to advancements in emergency and related medical care, fewer patients are dying in hospitals. As a result, there are fewer organs donated to those on waiting lists.

Also, many people are unaware of the new way to designate donations. Cards carried in wallets are outdated; you now can register online.


In Texas, only about 10 percent of residents are registered organ donors. More registered donors are needed to help those on growing organ donor lists. There at 113,000 people nationwide who are waiting as the clock ticks. Nearly 11,000 of them live in Texas. Sadly, on average 18 people die every day because of a lack of donors.

If you want to be an organ donor, Donate Life Month is a good time to talk to family members about your wishes and register online. Visit the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance website and register today. Remember, one single donor can save up to eight lives. Be and organ donor. Give the gift of life!