Stole? Try ‘How Safety Saves Christmas’


AUSTIN, Texas – (Dec. 7, 2012) – You better watch out. Worksite decorations shouldn’t accidentally lead you to spend some of the holiday season in an emergency department or somewhere else too far away from family, friends and others. Ascension Seton safety leaders recently provided guidance in lyrical form to Ascension Seton employees – with apologies to Dr. Seuss.
Adapted from Dr. Seuss’s story, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

All departments throughout the hospital
Liked the Holiday Season a lot…
But the Safety Committee (it seemed)
For some reason did not!

The Safety Committee was nervous
Realizing the holiday season was here,
And let’s not forget – regulatory agencies are always near
While departments are decorating and decking their halls

Putting up trees and wrapping the walls
The Committee knew it was the time to send out the information this year-
So, the Committee set up guidelines to which
All departments must adhere

All artificial decorations, including wreaths and trees
Must be made of non-combustible materials
And proof of flammability rating we must see
No decorations can be hung or strung from fire sprinklers or ceiling lights at all
All ELECTRICAL decorations or string lights are just NOT permitted

It is even stated that one cannot be committed
To decorating a large area or space
With wrapping paper used to grace and cover the walls
Deck the columns, wrap desks, or doors

And don’t even think of covering the floors
Non-flammable/fire resistant all decorations must be
Even on approved trees
And the surrounding area near thee

Last but not least all decorations and/or trees
Should not be placed in corridors, landings or near these:
Areas of EXITS, blocking our fire extinguishers our hose cabinets
Circuit boxes and informational signs should not be covered.

Wait! There is one more thing to hold dear.
Our decorations should not interrupt
The quality of patient care
That is why we are all here.

The moral of the story is the Safety Committee does like the season
But what they do, they do for a reason
Keeping everyone and the building safe
Is a duty this committee must face.