Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use My Seton Health?

Any patient admitted to a Seton Healthcare Family hospital may set up an account in My Seton Health. With one exception, due to privacy concerns, patients 18 years and younger will not have access.

What can I access on My Seton Health?

My Seton Health offers online health information from the patient’s electronic medical record, including:

  • A treatment summary
  • Discharge instructions
  • Active medications
  • Lab test results
  • List of procedures performed
  • Name of lead physician

How do I enroll in My Seton Health?

While in the hospital, patients may set up an account in My Seton Health by providing their email address and a chosen security question to their nurse. After being discharged from the hospital, patients may contact Seton Healthcare Family’s Health Information Management department at 512-324-7276 for details on how to enroll at your nearest Seton Healthcare Facility.

Who do I call about trouble signing in or using My Seton Health?

Contact Cerner Customer Support at 1-877-621-8014.

If the health information on My Seton Health is incorrect, who do I call?

If you believe the information on My Seton Health is incorrect, please call the Health Information Management department at 512-324-7276.

Who can I call with questions about My Seton Health?

For questions about your health and ongoing treatment, please contact your primary care physician.