Women experience unique healthcare concerns throughout all stages of life. The Seton Healthcare Family provides comprehensive women’s health resources, including education and preventive care, to address the full spectrum of physical and emotional health concerns for women.

Women’s Health Programs & Services:

Breast Health

Maintaining breast health should play a role in every woman’s regular healthcare routine. Seton offers a number of services dedicated to addressing common concerns about breast health, including regular mammograms. Screening, detection and a prompt, accurate diagnosis are all critical in helping women receive early treatment for breast cancer. Seton also promotes breast health awareness and education about steps women can take on their own at home, such as breast self-exams.

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Heart Health

Women’s risks of heart disease are typically underestimated and the associated symptoms are often misunderstood. Our cardiac care services include self-referral screening like Heart Healthy CT scans, as well as actively promoting better education about heart health and cardiac disease specifically in women.

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Healthy Lifestyle Resources

To provide women with the resources and support they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Seton created the Ignite Women’s Health Program, which gives women the opportunity to challenge their body, rejuvenate their spirit and ignite their mind. With services ranging from breast health and cardiac care to self-defense and fitness classes, the Ignite Women’s Health Program covers a variety of women’s healthcare concerns in a supportive environment.


Another common health concern for women is obstetric and gynecological care, including prenatal care as well as obstetric and gynecologic surgical procedures. OB/GYN care from Seton includes regular wellness exams, PAP smears, pelvic exams, urogynecological surgery and menopause management.

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Seton Baby Talk

To best meet the needs of pregnant women and new mothers, we’ve created Seton Baby Talk, a complete online guide that addresses many of the common questions women have about maternity, prenatal health, childbirth and bringing home their new baby. You also enroll online to take maternity classes. Our nationally recognized set of standards is designed to eliminate preventable birth trauma and make labor and delivery safer.