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Congratulations. You’ve decided to have hip, knee or ankle total joint replacement (TJR) surgery. You’re on your way to being able to move around better. Once your surgery date is tentatively scheduled, you’ll be officially enrolled in the GoodHealth Total Joint Replacement Surgery Support Program. This means you’ll have a variety of multidisciplinary experts, support services and tools to help prepare you for success throughout the surgery journey, including an expert GoodHealth Nurse Navigator to coach you.

TJR Support Program 8 Steps

Your GoodHealth Command Center coach will navigate you through the eight-step TJR surgical journey shown here:

Step 1: Surgeon Office Visit

Decide on surgery with your doctor and get an introduction to the TJR Support Program. 

Health History Online Questionnaire

Fill out the online health history questionnaire before you meet your GoodHealth coach.
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Step 2: Meet GoodHealth Coach, Make a Plan

Your coach calls to meet you, goes over your online health history questionnaire, schedules labs, gathers lab reports, compiles required health records for pre-surgical health assessment, develops a custom education plan and schedules your class.

Step 3: Pre-Surgical Assessment

You learn about your pre-surgical assessment results and whether you move to steps four and five. 

Step 4: Global Optimization 

If necessary, you participate in Global Optimization (G.O.).

Step 5: Home Safety, Wellness, Finance

You talk through finance questions, get tips on setting up your house to get around safely after surgery, and have the option to talk with a dietitian for tips on weight management.

Step 6: Hospital’s Eve

You attend your last check-in before surgery for final instructions, questions, loose ends, and concerns leading up to hospital check-in.

Step 7: In Good Hands at the Hospital

On surgery day, the hospital team takes over, and the surgeon performs TJR surgery. You can have a comfortable hospital stay knowing you’re prepared for return to a safe home.

Step 8: Rest and Rehabilitate

Your coach calls to make sure you’re doing okay after the hospital, your pain is managed, you’ve set up a healthy rehabilitation plan, and your coach schedules follow-ups until “What I’m in it For” is reached!

Fill out the Pre-Surgical Health History Questionnaire.


Expect a call from your coach two or three days after visiting with your surgeon. You may also use  or (512) 324-2366 to contact us for answers to questions or for help connecting with your coach.