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NIH Program Officer Template

Dear Dr. Adams,


My name is Jane M. Doe, MD and I hold an academic position as [professor] in the [Institution] at [Seton Medical Center Austin]. My research is in the general area of [epidemiology of HIV infection] and my specific focus is on [the factors that dictate risky sexual behavior in urban teens]. I am currently an [early stage/new] investigator and I am planning to submit my first R01 grant application to the NIH in [February 2017].

The primary reason I am writing is to request an opportunity to speak with you within the framework of an NIH grant application. I am particularly interested in discussing with you the potential programmatic relevance of the research project I am planning to pursue.

Is there a time within the next week or so when I could call you to discuss my planned proposal? I have already completed a draft of the Specific Aims section and would be happy to send this to you in advance of our phone conversation, if that would be helpful.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request. I look forward to hearing from you.



Jane M. Doe, MD, Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine
Seton Medical Center Austin