ClinCard gives coordinators real-time access to patient payments, lets you send texts and email messages to participants, load and reload cards issued to participants, schedule, monitor, track, pull reports and manage payments through the ClinCard website. Learn more about ClinCard by Greenphire. Contact Sponsored Projects Finance for ClinCard questions and to request a new ClinCard user account.

ClinCard Quick Reference Guides

ClinCard QRG – Site Admin 

ClinCard Quick Reference Guide – Admin Portal
How to log in, register a subject, look up a subject, assign a ClinCard to a subject, make a site visit payment, make a manual subject payment, set up an appointment reminder, request assistance.

ClinCard Cardholder FAQs
A copy of this document should be given to each study participant with the site coordinator reviewing it with the participant.

Frequently Asked Questions About ClinCard

What is the purpose of ClinCard?

The ClinCard Research Stipends Payment System purchased from Greenphire, Inc. is designed to deliver electronic payments to patients (program participants) for time and travel expenses associated with clinical trials.

All of the ClinCard Program’s features are designed to improve the patient’s experience, reduce administration, create a centralized method of analyzing, reporting, and auditing data, increase patient retention and promote patient compliance.

Who approves the use of ClinCard?

Sponsored Projects Finance will provide ClinCards to site coordinators who will issue the cards to patients based on the payment schedule by, and not to exceed, the sponsor agreement.

Can ClinCards be used for other types of study related purchases?

No, they are only used for patient stipends.

What ClinCard issues require a site coordinator to get approval from Greenphire?

Adding sites, new sponsors, and deleting users from the system can only be done by Greenphire.

Coordinators are encouraged to ask Sponsored Projects Finance to assist in these requests.

Where would a new coordinator go to find out how to set up a new study or learn about the system?

See the Site Administrator ClinCard Reference Guide 

Where do I find out how to register a study subject, assign a card to a subject, or to make a site visit payment?

Refer to the ClinCard Admin Portal Quick Reference Guide.

What are the types of payments available?

There are three payment methods available:

  1. Site Visitation Payment to cover payments that are based upon patient visits where the amounts are set.  These payments will not require any approvals other than site approval.  These will be taxable to the individuals receiving the payments and an IRS Form 1099 will be issued for payments of $600 or more in any tax year.
  2. Manual Payments to cover unexpected visits or amounts out of the ordinary.  These will require approval from either a designated site administrator or   from Finance Post-Award if no site administrator has been selected.  If the payment is for site visitation the payment is taxable.  If it is for travel it will not be taxable.
  3. Travel Payments to cover patient stipends based upon mileage (uses Google Maps to determine distance while we set the mileage amount) or other travel expenses such as hotels, meals and airline expenses.  These payments will require only site administrative approval and are not taxable.

How do I know the status of a study or a particular study participant?

The reports section on the ClinCard site will provide you the current information concerning any study that you are authorized to view.

How soon after I load a card does the participant have use of the money on the card?

It usually takes less than 1 hour. Refer to the ClinCard Cardholder FAQ for further details. A copy of this document should be given to each study participant with the site coordinator reviewing it with the participant.

Do I have to use ClinCard?

Yes, using ClinCards is an efficient, cost effective way to provide and track patient stipends. Any exceptions would need to be approved in advance by Sponsored Projects Finance. Use of other gift cards is the same as a petty cash account which is not permitted by Ascension Seton policy.

Is there a cost related to using ClinCards for my study?  Who pays for them?

Ascension Seton Research Enterprise paid for the first 500 cards. Load fees are $1.00 which initially will be covered by Ascension Seton. Cards will cost $3.70 each for the next 500 and then will cost $3.50 thereafter. For FY 16 and beyond this policy will be reviewed and updated as needed.

Can ClinCards be reused or be used by multiple studies?

Each card can be used for only one person per study. If a person participates in multiple studies at one site, all stipends for all studies can be loaded on a single card. If the person participates in multiple studies at multiple sites, each site should issue a card.

How soon can I begin to load a ClinCard for a particular study?

When the study contract has been fully executed you can set up the study on the system and begin to load the cards per the study agreement.