Resources for Research Participants

Ascension Seton doctors and other healthcare providers continuously search for new ways to improve medical care for the patients we serve. Ascension Seton provides healthcare and conducts medical research. As healthcare professionals, Ascension Seton doctors will always provide you with excellent medical care. As researchers, they must also follow a research plan very carefully.

Medical research is an organized, well-planned study of a problem in healthcare. Medical professionals engage in research to answer specific questions about what makes people sick and what could make them better. The answers help doctors and others prevent diseases and improve medical care in the future. If you agree to participate in research, you may get better, you may stay the same or you may even get worse. We will tell you everything that we know about the benefits and risks of the research study before you decide to volunteer.

Contact the Ascension Seton Institutional Review Board

For information about the rights of subjects taking part in research studies, please contact the Ascension Seton Institutional Review Board (SIRB):

1400 N. IH 35
Suite C3.400
Austin, Texas 78701