UT Austin Statistical Support

All UT Austin students, faculty and staff are eligible for up to one hour of free consulting each week.  Statistical consultants are available for appointments by phone, Skype or in person. Questions can also be answered over email. The following services are offered:

  • In-person appointments: Recommended for more complex questions or for programming help
  • Phone appointments: For complex questions, can share screen over Skype
  • Email consultations: Appropriate for less complex or follow-up questions

We assist UT students, staff, and faculty with research-oriented inquiries. Our role is to assist rather than to conduct analyses for you. We prefer to meet with researchers near the beginning of their projects but are available for discussion at all stages of research, including the following:

  • Research design (we encourage visits during the design stage of your research study)
  • Survey design
  • Power and sample-size calculations
  • Data management (data manipulation, formatting, coding)
  • Selection of appropriate statistical procedures
  • Selection and use of statistical software
  • Data analysis and model selection
  • Interpretation and reporting results
  • Locating documentation and resources
  • Creating graphs and tables

Contract Consulting

For more information about our free consulting services, contract consulting services, software short courses and the Department of Statistics and Data Sciences, please visit the Department of Statistics and Data Sciences (SDS) Statistical Consulting Group.


For email consultations, send questions to: stat.consulting@austin.utexas.edu. To make an in-person or phone appointment up to two weekdays in advance, visit stat.utexas.edu/consulting/free-consulting.