Resources for Investigators & Study Team


Research investigators are any eligible Ascension Seton and UT Dell Medical School faculty and their co-investigators, including students, residents and fellows when working alongside a faculty mentor (sponsor).

The Sponsored Projects Administration team at Dell Medical liaisons with the central UT Austin Office of Sponsored Projects to provide grant administration and contract negotiation for Dell Medical School Principal Investigators (PIs).  Eligible faculty must complete the PI Request Form to certify that the requirements for PI Status have been met for grant funded research.

Principal Investigator:

Ascension Seton considers the Principal Investigator to be the individual responsible for the conduct of research and the research team at the research site.

Study Team

Research Coordinators, Interns (undergrads), and all those listed as having a role on the study and are considered engaged in research according to the responsibilities outlines in the protocol and are referred to as the Study Team. These individuals are typically responsible for study implementation, data collection, data management, and for ensuring integrity and compliance with regulatory and reporting requirements. These individuals may also seek informed consent, enroll and meet with research participants, and collect and record information from research participants.

In the University setting a graduate student or graduate research assistant, resident or fellow may also perform these activities. The most important consideration is to evaluate the study activities each Study Team Member is required to perform.

Research Staff must Activate or obtain a UT EID and submit the Affiliated Research Staff Form for an enhanced UT EID using their Ascension Seton email as the associated email address. 

Faculty Sponsor

A faculty sponsor is required for all students conducting human subjects research. You and your faculty sponsor are responsible for human subjects protections. Your faculty sponsor must approve your application prior to IRB submission. For instructions on how a faculty sponsor approves an application, visit our approval instructions page.

For students, the faculty sponsor is typically a dissertation or thesis chair; however, this is not always the case. It is important to remember to choose a faculty sponsor who works well with you. Your sponsor will provide valuable recommendations about experimental designs aimed at reducing the risk to human subjects. Your faculty sponsor is your primary contact for human subject concerns and questions.

Additional Information for Investigators & Study Team