Volunteer With a Seton Researcher

Seton Research Volunteers provide valuable services that support research and contribute to the welfare of patients and families. When you join the Research Volunteer Program, you’re not joining just any group – you’re becoming part of a family. Our volunteers are an integral part of our mission to deliver the best possible care with dignity and respect.

To be considered as a member of the Research Volunteer Program, you must commit to a minimum of 60 hours in a six month period in your assigned area of research. Applications received with an expected research volunteer duration of less than six months are removed from consideration and not processed.

Research Volunteers must show a commitment to the research and be in good standing in order to obtain a letter of recommendation from the Principal Investigator and be eligible to return as a volunteer. Research Volunteers receive free on-site parking, flu shots, and discounts in the gift shop and cafeteria.

To become a Research Volunteer you must:

  • Be an adult over the age of 18
  • Consent to a national criminal background check provided by our Ministry Service Center
  • Complete and submit
    • research volunteer application
    • A signed confidentiality statement.
    • Immunization records for measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (chicken pox) and proof of TWO current TB skin tests
    • Documentation of CITI and Conflict of Interest training

As a Research Volunteer you must wear your Seton Photo ID Badge at all times; the badge is issued by the Security Office and allows free parking on-site at Seton Hospitals and Facilities and Dell Children’s Medical Center. Your Seton Photo ID Badge must be returned to the Volunteer Office upon completion of your research volunteer commitment,

At Seton, affiliates are those with Contingent Worker status such as Volunteers, Medical Students, or Principal Investigators who are not employed by Seton. There are two types of Research Volunteers at Seton:

  1. Research Volunteer I: May access Seton systems to complete a financial disclosure (requires Seton user ID and TOPAZ account). They do NOT need access to any patient data, will NOT interact with Seton Healthcare Family patients or staff, and do NOT need a Seton email address. 
  2. Research Volunteer II: May view patient data, interact with patients and/or staff, and may or may not be a college or university student and will receive a Seton badge.

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Get Started

Contact volunteerdcmc@seton.org with any questions regarding the onboarding process for the Research Volunteer Program. Contact the Seton IS Team at 512-324-1675 for any issue with a Seton User ID.

Please note: The Seton Research Volunteer Program is different than the Non-Student Clinical Observer Program which is an opportunity to observe patient care in a Seton healthcare setting under the supervision of a Seton Medical Staff physician or other qualified Seton associate. This is a one-way experience with absolutely no physical contact with the patient. Contact academicadmin@seton.org to learn more about this program.