Clinical Research Volunteers

Research Volunteer Program

Research volunteers are both students and non-students who want to participate in a research project at any Ascension Seton facility. The Research Volunteer Program is very competitive and applications are processed year round except from September 1 – November 14.

To be a research volunteer, applicants must:

Study teams will instruct the applicant to apply for the Research Volunteer Program and will guide the applicant through the application process. All questions about the application should be directed to the study team and/or Principal Investigator (PI).

If an applicant has not identified a study team or PI they are considered “Potential RVs.” They will be required to complete the demographic portion of the application, upload immunization records, sign the Confidentiality Statement, upload a signed and dated resume/CV, and complete the attestation. Potential RVs are placed in a dashboard where the study team/PI can select them for a research volunteer position. Potential RVs are not guaranteed a position. To increase the probability of being selected, applicants who have flexible hours for doing research, will volunteer for more than one year, can perform statistical analysis, speak/understand Spanish, or have software/programming experience should include that information in their resume/experience.

Click here to apply to become a Research Volunteer.