Balance Dysfunctions

We offer vestibular rehabilitation for central and peripheral vestibular dysfunctions. We perform a comprehensive evaluation and develop a rehabilitative program to help reduce or eliminate patients’ symptoms and/or assist the patient with effective strategies to reduce the risk of falls with vestibular training, including balance training and stabilization.

Neurological Disorders

Individualized treatment offered for patients recovering from stroke, spinal injury, head injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders.

Pediatric Conditions

Pediatric specialties including developmental, sensory, serial casting, dysphagia, feeding/swallowing and vital stim for treatment of conditions such as nerve or muscle disorders, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders and visual perception disorders.


Non-surgical and post-operative treatments for patients with fractures, joint replacements and other bone/joint injuries requiring joint mobilization, manual therapy, McKenzie and hand therapy.

Sports Medicine

Including athletic training, Pilates, core training, kineso-taping, gait training, aquatics and running analysis.

We also provide treatment for lymphedema, wound care, pelvic floor disorders, dry needling and rehabilitation for cancer survivors who are either undergoing or have completed treatment.