2016 – 2017 Pharmacy Residents

PGY2 Infectious Diseases Resident

stephanie-changStephanie Chang, Pharm.D.

PGY1:  Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center

Graduate of the University of Illinois – Chicago

Email:  SChang2@seton.org





PGY2 Internal Medicine Resident

hannah-eberleHannah Eberle, Pharm.D.

PGY1:  Regional One Health

Graduate of the University of Tennessee

Email:  HEberle@seton.org





PGY2 Psychiatric Pharmacy Residents

brent-curryBrent Curry, Pharm.D.

PGY1:  Central State Hospital/Sullivan University College of Pharmacy

Graduate of University of Kentucky

Email: BwCurry@seton.org



nina-vadieiNina Vadiei, Pharm.D.

PGY1:  Seton Healthcare Family

Graduate of The University of Texas at Austin

Email:  NVadiei@seton.org





PGY1 Pediatric Focus Pharmacy Resident

kristin-bohannonKristin Bohannon, Pharm.D.

Graduate of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Email:  KBohannon@seton.org






PGY1 Pharmacy Residents

elizabeth-lassElizabeth Lass, Pharm.D.

Graduate of Southern Illinois University

Email:  ELass@seton.org






wenxi-liuWenxi (Wendy) Liu, Pharm.D.

Graduate of the University of North Carolina

Email:  WLiu@seton.org






tanner-moserTanner Moser, Pharm.D.

Graduate of the University of Texas

Email:  MtMoser@seton.org






samantha-vogelSamantha Vogel, Pharm.D.

Graduate of the University of Texas

Email:  SVogel@seton.org