Uterine and Fetal Simulation Trainer




Simulation, Modeling, Training


The invention is a uterine and fetal simulation trainer that can be used as an add-on or modular addition to live humans or human models to enable biological simulation training for healthcare providers to perform sonograms, amniocentesis, ultrasound-guided amniocentesis, and other procedures.

Watch a video on KXAN where Seton Inventor Judy Kitchens demonstrates this patented fetal monitoring simulation device.


Typical sonogram-training devices and methods involve stand-alone torsos, rotatable cylinder phantoms, or computergenerated images that do not simulate a real person under real pressure. The present uterine and fetal simulation trainer can be disposed on the abdomen of a live human such that a medical provider can interact with a live “patient” during simulated procedures for training, allowing training to include focus on communication, teamwork skills, cognitive skills and/or managing human factors in complex situations to reduce errors. Additionally, the trainer includes simulated fetus models. The trainer can be fitted on any standardized patient with minimal adjustment such that the live “patient” can feel actual weight, pressure, and fetal movement.


  • Add-on or modular addition to a live human “patient” or human models
  • Comprehensive uterine and fetus models
  • Allows live interactions with a real “patient” during simulated procedures
  • Can be fitted on any standardized patient
  • Improved communication, teamwork, and cognitive skills training for providers


U.S. patent 9,087,456 issued.

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