Ring-less Needle Holder

diagram-1This invention is an intuitive, simple-to-use, low-cost, ring-less needle holder that can be used in a variety of surgical procedures in place of the traditional surgical needle holder. The ring-less needle holder provides a surgeon increased torque and maneuverability in confined spaces and decreases muscle fatigue through improved ergonomics.

The ring-less needle holder is the first medical device of its kind developed and licensed by Ascension Seton. It soon will be made available to surgeons across the U.S.

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Dr. Steven Henry demonstrates

Dr. Steven Henry demonstrates

The traditional surgical needle driver features metal finger rings to assist the surgeon in holding and maneuvering the device, and a ratcheting mechanism for locking and unlocking the jaw grip when securing a suturing needle. Most surgeons tend to reposition their fingers multiple times from holding the rings to “palming” the device while suturing.

The adapted “palming” grasping method emphasizes the surgeon’s limited mobility and effectively eliminates the need for the rings (except as a locking/unlocking mechanism) and decreases the surgeon’s efficiency by increasing suturing time and muscle fatigue with each repositioning of the hand. The movement of the surgeon’s hand from using the rings to “palming” and back to using the rings also increases the risk of dropping the device in the patient, resulting in further complications or injuries. The ring sizes also limit the use of traditional needle drivers in confined and restricted areas of the human body.


  • Intuitive and simple to use
  • Low-cost
  • Increased torque
  • Reduced device diameter for maneuverability in confined spaces
  • Decreased hand fatigue for surgeons
  • Lessened repositioning of fingers
  • Shorter suturing time


An exclusive licensing agreement with Medical Innovation Labs (MIL), an Austin company, has been signed to commercialize this new surgical tool. MIL, which commercializes breakthrough medical and clinical research by translating discoveries and inventions into products that meaningfully improve patient care, will have exclusive rights to develop and manufacture the ringless needle holder.

More Information

You can Download a PDF with more details about this invention and also watch the video below.