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How Information Technology is Changing the Hospital Experience – for the Better

One of the world’s most “wired” cities deserves a state-of-the-art healthcare system. And it has one.

logo_infotechThe Seton Healthcare Family, the largest provider of complex healthcare in Central Texas and the region’s second largest private employer, is using the latest innovations in information technology to ensure clinical excellence and patient safety, enhance healthcare delivery and improve community wellness in the communities it serves.

Seton has joined the ranks of other forward-looking healthcare systems with technology solutions that improves the patient experience. For starters, Seton is rapidly deploying a comprehensive electronic records system which is already revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered in our hospitals.

A recent sponsor of the World Congress of Information Technology, Seton is committed to investing in technology that improves the flow of information between physicians. The Seton Network, for instance, is one of only 50 hospital systems nationwide that has acquired and deployed Vocada VoiceLink, a highly sophisticated computerized messaging system for communicating urgent medical test results. Seton has also gone filmless for most medical imaging with its new Picture Archiving Communications System (PACS).

Some other examples of new Seton technologies include the Electronic Bed Board which provides real-time information on the availability of beds throughout the Network and the OmniCell Medication Dispensing Cabinets, highly secure units that use guiding light technology to ensure that patients receive the right medication at the right time and dosage.

The Seton Healthcare Family has also gone wireless in most clinical settings—enabling nurses and physicians to spend more time with patients and less time tracking down paper. Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas offers the latest medical technology and state-of-the-art tools such as Wireless Cisco Voice Over IP Phones (VOIP), personal digital assistants (PDAs), electronic tablets and wireless carts. Similar advanced technology is also available at Seton Medical Center Williamson.

To manage the Network’s overall technology strategy, Seton has established an innovative partnership with Austin’s own Dell Computers and Dell Professional Services. Today, several full-time, on-site dedicated Dell employees provide day-to-day oversight of Seton’s technology department, procure new technology and offer strategic planning for the Network as a whole.

As Central Texas grows, the Seton Healthcare Family will continue to invest in information technology that directly benefits patients, families, and our dedicated team of healthcare professionals.