Institutional Information for Proposals

GAO provides important institutional-specific information needed to submit your grant proposal. Most often this information is needed on the proposal cover sheet or elsewhere on the application.

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Note: Senatorial and Congressional district information is for research projects performed within the indicated boundaries. Use this link to search for additional districts.

Institutional Information for Seton Grant Submissions

Applicant OrganizationAscension Texas DBA Seton Family of Hospitals FKA Seton Healthcare Family
Applicant's AddressSeton Administrative Offices 1345 Philomena St. Austin, TX 78723-3210
Parent CompanyAscension Health
IRS Status501(c)(3)
Employer Identification Number (EIN)74-1109643
DUNS #078495868
U.S. Congressional DistrictTX-025
Texas Senatorial District14
Texas House of Representatives District49
Federalwide Assurance (FWA) #00004937
Administrative ContactIngrid Taylor
Signing Official (SO) [eRA Commons]Greg Hartman
Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) []Ryan Leslie
Financial Point of Contact/Fiscal OfficerBennett Long
Federal Indirect Rate/Facilities & Administrative (F&A)40.04%
Federal Fringe Benefit Rate Physician Employees19%
Federal Fringe Benefit Rate non-Physician Employees22%
Date of Last Negotiation of Indirect Cost AgreementN/A