A subaward is a formal legal agreement between Ascension Seton and another organization where Ascension Seton is the subrecipient of that institution’s Prime award. A Subaward Agreement is used when a substantive portion of the work outlined in another organization’s proposal is conducted at Ascension Seton, or the reverse is true. Typically, the other organization is another hospital or academic medical center.

The subrecipient takes full responsibility for adhering to the terms and conditions of the subaward including those flowed down from the sponsor under the Prime award.

Planning and Issuing Subawards

It is the responsibility of Ascension Seton to ensure the appropriate classification of costs at the time a proposal is submitted to the sponsor. The PI must provide sufficient information about the proposed arrangement to the GAO in order for the appropriate classification to be made. Key characteristics of a subaward indicate that the subrecipient:

  • Shall use the sponsored funds awarded under the subaward to carry out their portion of the programmatic effort of the project
  • Shall meet the overall objectives of the sponsored project
  • Is responsible for programmatic decisions relative to the sub recipient’s portion of the work
  • Shall adhere to compliance requirements (IRB, rebudgeting restrictions, publication, IP rights).

GAO will assist with coordinating Subaward Agreements and Letter of Support.