Prime Award Proposal Routing Form

Proposal Routing Form

The Seton Healthcare Family promotes an ethical and responsible academic environment. Associates requesting project funds (research or programmatic) shall adhere to the rigorous standards of the Federal, State, or other funding agencies or foundations that grant financial support for research and programmatic projects.
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    I will ensure that all project personnel complete the required training programs, which are mandated by the sponsor and/or Seton Healthcare Family. I will ensure that all project personnel are appropriately trained and supervised and will conduct the project in compliance with regulations and policies of the sponsor and Seton Healthcare. By signing this form the PI/PD acknowledges the following:

    Attestation of Original Work: The proposed is the original work of the Principal Investigator/Project Director and has not been used by other individuals in the preparation and submission of a similar grant application. It is not received from, copied from, or based upon the precise or similar work of others, and not exclusively based on a summary, review, or design of earlier publications on the subject of the research/program.

    Attestation of Financial Responsibility: The funds requested in the research/program budget reflect an accurate amount necessary to complete the project. The Principal Investigator is accepting responsibility for the appropriate use of funds awarded and for the performance of the project resulting from the application. Any additional funds necessary to complete the project are the sole responsibility of the PI/PDs department.


    I am aware of the program to be conducted within my department. I fully support the efforts of the PI/PD. I attest to the qualifications and capabilities of the PI/PD to oversee the project and the allocation of departmental resources to support the successful completion of the project.

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