Several resources are available to assist you in preparing and submitting your grant application. GAO Forms are necessary to ensure appropriate routing, approval, and submission of proposals and related documents. These forms are also used to share the progress and outcomes of your grant submission. All forms may all be completed and submitted online. No printing or scanning is required!

For more information or to request a consultation, please contact us online at We can answer any specific questions you may have, as well as offer general guidance throughout the grant and project development process.


  • Intent to Submit: Use this form to notify GAO early in your grant preparation process. Submitting this form early allows GAO to register with the funding agency if necessary and places your submission in queue.
  • eRA Commons Account Request: Use this form to request either a new eRA Commons account or a Ascension Seton affiliation of an existing account. GAO registers individuals for the role of Principal Investigator (PI), or of Assistant (ASST). The Assistant (ASST) is delegated access by a PI to his/her account to assist with data entry. An ASST role also has the following privileges: to edit their own personal profile, to edit the PIs personal profile, and if delegated by PI, to edit the PIs Administrative Supplement requests in eRA Commons PI (e.g., RPPR, XTrain, eSNAP).
  • Prime Award Proposal Routing Form: This form must be submitted to GAO for all final grant applications (research and programmatic) at the time of submission. Your final proposal and this completed form are due to GAO within FIVE (5) business days of the funding agency’s deadline
  • Close-out Form: Complete and submit this form to notify GAO about the outcome of your grant-funded project.
  • Subaward Routing Form: This form must be submitted to GAO for all subaward applications from collaborating institutions when Ascension Seton will be the subrecipient of awarded funds for which the collaborating institute is the prime awardee. This form and accompanying documents will be reviewed by RSS and routed by GAO for the appropriate signature.
  • Project Support Identification Survey: To further our goal to identify projects that we can further develop and support to apply for external funding, please complete this form by August 19, 2016 to submit a project description. This form asks for a short summary about your research and projects along with the opportunity to describe the support you need to develop them. This will be an ongoing and active development process. The second round will take place next quarter, from October 15 through November 15.


If you need a sample or template that is not in our toolkit, let us know and we will provide guidance on preparing the most common NIH required documents.