The Grant Acquisition Office (GAO) serves to align, strengthen collaboration and better coordinate stages of the grant and sponsored project development cycle within Seton, with the intention to grow externally-sponsored research and activities consistent with Seton’s mission: To care for and improve the health of those we serve, with a special concern for the poor and vulnerable.

For more information or to request a consultation, please contact us online at gao@seton.org. We can answer any specific questions you may have, as well as offer general guidance throughout the grant and project development process.


GAO is a service unit of Ascension Texas, providing support to the Ascension Texas community seeking external funding for projects and programs that align with their strategic goals. GAO disseminates information about funding opportunities and offers guidance to the Ascension Texas community on grant strategy, collaboration and the submission of proposals.

In addition, GAO assists with various administrative matters arising from extramurally funded projects such as Letters of Intent for subawards, NIH eRA Commons registrations, and large funded-project coordination. For all projects funded through grants, GAO acts as the liaison with Research Support Services and Sponsored Projects Finance teams. GAO is committed to enhancing Network resources in order to support the funded research and programmatic efforts of Ascension Texas. Through a coordinated effort to match faculty and staff with external sponsors, GAO functions as a catalyst transforming the ingenuity and technical expertise of the Network community into the reality of research, training, programmatic or other funded projects.

Within its purview, GAO will:

  • Assist the Ascension Texas community in identifying potential sources of funding and provide training, grant writing resources and application support
  • Routinely disseminate funding announcements pertinent to the communities it serves
  • Guide Ascension Texas associates in the preparation of proposal applications, including budgets, to ensure compliance with Network policy, sponsor criteria and federal, state and local regulations as applicable
  • Review proposals from an editorial perspective when feasible prior to the submission deadline, and provide feedback as needed to ensure the quality of proposals submitted in the name of the Network
  • Facilitate terms and conditions of grants and contracts negotiation in coordination with the PI/PD and Contract Support Services
  • Facilitate rebudgeting, requests for extensions, supplements or renewals of existing awards as needed
  • Facilitate coordination of services with partnering entities such as Research Support Services and Innovation and Technology Commercialization
  • Maintain annual metrics on services and accomplishments


The leader of the Office of Grant Acquisitions reports to the Chief of External and Academic Affairs, Ascension Texas.