Resident Program

Ascension Seton offers a residency training program for Level I and Level II students.  Students need previous pastoral care experience and theological education, preferably a Masters of Divinity or equivalent theological education. The year runs from September through August.  The schedule includes a five-day workweek, eight hours per day, plus on-call duties for week days and weekends.  Through this program, participants complete four units of Clinical Pastoral Education.  The emphasis in a first-year residency curriculum is on ministering to patients, family and staff.  The primary goals are the understanding and acceptance of the pastoral caregiver’s unique identity, and the development of pastoral care theology and skills.  Specialization areas are negotiable, based on the Resident’s needs, interests and unique gifts.  Residents work closely with Staff Chaplains and assume greater departmental responsibilities.  Please see program flyer for additional details.

Extended Unit Program

An extended unit is offered each fall.  Participants meet for four hours once a week for group learning; have one hour of personal supervision every other week; and assume 92 hours of on-call duties as well as 208 additional clinical hours.  This program runs for approximately 26 weeks and is designed primarily for Seminarians and ministers in the Austin and surrounding areas.  It is preferred that participants have a Bachelor’s degree and some theological training. Please see program flyer for additional details.

Intern Program

One unit of CPE is offered during the summer months for Interns.  This program is designed primarily for Seminarians. This eleven-week unit begins in June and ends in August.  Participants can expect to train eight hours per day, five days per week, plus on-call duties.  Preference will be given to those with a Bachelor’s degree and theological training. Please see program flyer for additional details.

Supervisory CPE

An individual who wishes to enroll in Supervisory CPE shall have successfully completed a minimum of four units of Residency CPE and has successfully met Level II CPE outcomes.  In addition, the student must demonstrate to a Consultation Committee a readiness to utilize Supervisory CPE.  A qualified applicant must have membership in ACPE, as well as have a Master’s of Divinity or equivalency and previous chaplaincy or parish ministry experience.