Session (1 – ½ hour)


  1. Admissions Interview: Purpose
  2. Beholding the Applicant
  3. Relational/Cultural Considerations for Admission Process
  4. Role Plays of Admissions Interviews
  5. Writing Admission Interview Reports
  6. Admission Interview Reports: Their Use in Application Processing
  7. Selecting Students for Residency: Views of Two Supervisors
  8. Selecting Students for an Internship: View of Two Supervisors
  9. Selecting Students for an Extended Unit of CPE: Views of Two Supervisors


  1. Application Review: Selecting Students
  2. Selection Criteria: Students
  3. Selection Criteria: Group Membership and Cultural Considerations
  4. Selection Criteria: Final Conclusions
  5. Standards for ACPE Program
  6. Standards for ACPE Program
  7. Standards for ACPE Accreditation
  8. Standards for ACPE Accreditation
  9. Program Goals


  1. Development of Programs
  2. Development of Programs
  3. Cultural Competency and Program Development
  4. Planning Program for Summer Unit
  5. Planning Program for Summer Unit
  6. Student Evaluations: The Student’s
  7. Student Evaluations: The Supervisor’s
  8. Orientation of New Students
  9. Orientation of New Students