ACPE Standards 313 – 319; 401 – 406

Supervisory CPE at Seton Family of Hospitals is designed for the minister who has demonstrated, in the words of Rudolf Ekstein and Robert Wallerstein, “excellence in the practice of [ministry].” The person who has completed the process of identity formation as minister and begun to show capable function as a professional pastor often finds the inner urge to share that excellence with others. That is a natural step in the development of the professional, to teach the art and craft to others who may, hopefully, excel beyond the capabilities of the supervisor and advance the profession. Usually this is conceived as moving toward certification as a CPE Supervisor. But such training may also be appropriate for those interested in pastoral supervision in other settings such as lay ministry or seminary field education. Admission to Supervisory CPE does not guarantee becoming a Supervisory Candidate according to the ACPE Standards. Persons who desire to be certified as ACPE Supervisors should carefully understand the requirements established by ACPE.