Cancer Care

Mobile Mammography Screening

Women in Central Texas have improved access to breast cancer screening thanks to Seton’s new mobile mammography unit. Seton’s Big Pink Bus is a self-contained breast screening on wheels service featuring advanced digital mammography and an exam room for breast self exams.  The unit was funded in part by donations from Central Health, Avon Foundation for Women, M.D. Anderson Foundation, Lowe Foundation and the Lola Wright Foundation. The Big Pink Bus provides convenient and safe breast screenings to women throughout the region and is staffed by an all-female team of nurses, administrative staff and licensed mammographers.

From January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015, the Seton Cancer Screening Program provided 2,861 mammograms via the Big Pink Bus. Seton Cancer Screening also provided navigation to 1,374 individuals who were either screened directly by the program or referred to the program due to an abnormality and navigated to a definitive diagnosis.

Quality Assurance

Like all Seton mammography services, the unit is fully certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Mobile unit mammograms are read by the same group of specialized physicians who review all Seton Healthcare Network mammograms, Austin Radiological Association.

Providing Breast Screenings to the Underserved

Seton’s mobile mammography unit provides no-cost screening mammograms to underserved women who would otherwise not have access. Seton works with community organizations to schedule mobile screenings for groups of qualified women. This program is part of Seton’s commitment to improving access to care for Central Texans.

Corporate Outreach

Area businesses can also contract for employee breast screenings through the mobile mammography program. Convenient, on-site breast screening encourages busy employees to take the time to be screened and demonstrates corporate commitment to employees’ health. Mobile mammography is treated as any other mammogram and is a covered benefit by most insurance companies. For best coverage, verify that Seton Healthcare Family is a provider with your insurance company.

Access to Services

The Big Pink Bus serves women over age 40 who are underserved or uninsured or have limited access to mammography screenings due to work schedules, time constraints, or remote locations. Education materials and breast self-exam teaching are part of this screening at:

  • Medical and community clinics
  • Public service and government agencies
  • Civic and business organizations
  • Service and social clubs
  • Places of worship
  • Community and senior centers
  • Migrant worker centers

How to Schedule a Screening Mobile Mammogram

Appointments are scheduled in advance in collaboration with sponsoring community organizations or corporate organizations.

Want to schedule The Big Pink Bus for a corporate screening event? Contact Seton’s Cancer Screening Team to learn more at 512-324-3375.

For women who would like to schedule an individual screening mammogram, please contact Seton’s Central Scheduling Department for assistance at 512-324-3375.

Please note, a physician order is NOT required for a screening mammogram.

Mobile Mammogram Eligibility

A woman is eligible for a mammogram if she:

  • is at least 40 years old
  • does not have any implants
  • is not pregnant or breast feeding
  • has had previous mammograms in the past year
  • has no personal history of breast cancer or breast problems
  • has no breast problems such as a lump, orange peel-like skin or dimpling

Women receiving a mammogram on The Big Pink Bus must be able to climb three stairs. If you have difficulty walking, please inform the Seton’s Cancer Screening Team so we may locate a more comfortable alternative.