Clinical Breast Exams

Length of Appointment

Each appointment will take approximately 30 minutes. The exam includes demonstrations by the RN that covers correct self-breast exam procedure, breast anatomy, hormonal effects on breast tissue and breast cancer risk factors as well as preventative behaviors.

Patient privacy and confidentiality will be respected throughout the exam. Permission for release of medical information will be obtained to assure proper follow-up.


Abnormal findings from this exam will be reported to the patient’s referring physician within five working days after the exam.

  • Some cancers can be found early by self examinations and physical examinations by a health professional, while others must be detected by X-ray or laboratory tests. Ascension Seton offers exams throughout Central Texas to help meet your needs.
  • The company at which the woman is screened is responsible for advertising the screening and takes responsibility for employee awareness of this program.
  • Ascension Seton CPED will follow-up by telephone with you, the patient, to encourage you to discuss the significance of these results with your physician. Our program will continue to follow a case until your doctor makes a diagnosis, or you notify us that you no longer require our services.
  • Registered nurses who have completed the Breast Module in the Professional Education for Prevention and Early Detection Program at MD Anderson (or the equivalent) are available to perform clinical breast exams for all women aged 20 and over.