Cancer survivorship affects a person’s long-range care. Healthcare providers can benefit from understanding the unique concerns that their patients may experience during survivorship. Below are video resources for providers across medical and psychological disciplines. The videos help to explain the impacts of cancer on a person’s health and wellbeing.

PCP Follow Up for Survivors

PCP_follow_up_for _survivors

Cardiac and General Late Effects


Endocrinology Related Late Effects

Endocrinology related_late_effects

Neuro-Oncology and Neurologic Late Effects


Psychological Late Effects (Including PTSD)

Psychological late_effects_including_PTSD

Palliative Medicine and Pain Management

Palliative_medicine_and_pain_management (1)

Psychosocial Late Effects and Risk Factors


Case Presentations of AYA Cancer Survivors

PCP_follow_up_for _survivors

Advance Directives
Palliative_medicine_and_pain_management (1)