Many people are beating cancer these days, but sometimes the treatment used to get rid of cancer causes new problems, often called “late effects.” Ascension Seton Cancer Survivor Center works to address any late effects you may experience. To help with your life after cancer treatment, a nurse navigator will create a summary of your cancer treatment and a survivorship care plan for the future, including everything you need to stay as healthy and active as possible.

Nurse Navigation

Our nurse navigation services are provided free of charge. The nurse navigator will make sure you have a doctor that looks for any return of your cancer, any new cancer, and make sure to take care of any late effects that you may experience. If you already have a doctor, we will work with that doctor to make sure they know all about your cancer treatment history and your survivorship care plan.

Specialized Clinic

We offer a specialized clinic for cancer survivor care, annual patient summits that provide education and fun on many survivorship topics, links to community resources, patient social groups, as well as connections to diet and exercise programs. We know that life after cancer is never the same, but the Ascension Seton Cancer Survivor Center is here to help.

What to Expect From the Ascension Seton Cancer Survivor Center

  • The nurse navigator will review your past treatment with you and discuss any current problems or concerns you may have.
  • You will be given a summary of your cancer treatment that lists medications and medical information related to your cancer and any potential long-term problems.
  • You will be given a cancer survivorship care plan that includes recommendations for you and your doctors, helping you to know the steps to stay as healthy and as informed as possible.
  • You will be offered help finding doctors and other resources to stay happy and healthy after cancer treatment.

What is a Nurse Navigator?

A nurse navigator helps you manage the medical system. Sometimes patients have other things going on in life that get in the way of medical care, problems like not having insurance, or not knowing what kind of doctor to go to or which test to get. The nurse navigator helps with all these problems that keep you from staying healthy. The nurse navigators at the Ascension Seton Cancer Survivor Center specialize in and study the problems cancer survivors face. The nurse navigators work for you to help you stay as healthy as possible after your cancer treatment. The nurse navigators provide education, coordinate care, and serve as a trusted partner in your health care.

Care Beyond Cancer

Care Beyond Cancer is ACCESS AYA’s podcast and video series, produced both in English and Spanish. Listen online now or download them for later to get informed about AYA survivorship care, survivorship plans, late effects, and other topics in this series of free educational podcasts and videos.

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