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Advances in our understanding of cancer and our ability to detect and treat it have led to greater survival rates for patients. But sometimes cancer survival comes with a price, and for many, life is never quite the same. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of cancer survivors by addressing potential late effects from treatment as well as medical and other life issues that may result from cancer treatment. The radiation, chemotherapy and surgery used to successfully treat cancers may lead to what are called “late effects.” The Seton Cancer survivor Center addresses these late effects through a range of programs, services, and specialists. Our nurse navigators will connect you with the survivor clinic, educational programs and other resources needed to stay as healthy as possible after cancer treatment. Our nurse navigation service is provided at no cost. If you would like to speak with a nurse navigator to discuss your cancer survivorship, please call us 512-324-9652.

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The Seton Cancer Survivor Center offers a range of services to cancer survivors who have completed treatment.

Clinical Care

Our clinical program can provide you with specialized follow up care to address any potential late effects from treatment.

Patient Navigation

Our nurse navigators are here to help you through the medical system. They specialize in and study the problems cancer survivors face. They can provide you with a summary of your cancer treatment, a survivorship care plan, coordinate care, and serve as a trusted partner in your health care.

Patient Programs

We have specialized programs for young adults (age 18-39) and adult patients (age 40 and above).

Provider Information

Physicians, nurses, and other health care providers can review survivorship specific information, brief videos and complete continuing education credits.

The Seton Cancer Survivor Center and its services were founded by support from LIVESTRONG and the Aragona Family Foundation.