Cancer Navigation Services

When you are facing a cancer diagnosis, finding the right care and services you need can feel overwhelming. The stress can require energy that would be better devoted to getting healthy. The Ascension Ascension Seton’s nurse navigators are there to support and guide you from diagnosis, treatment and life after cancer.

What is a Nurse Navigator?

The nurse navigator is a registered nurse who is the single point of contact for patients, family members, physicians and caregivers. Ascension Seton’s nurse navigators help with scheduling the first tests and consultations with the doctors and others involved in your care. Navigators help patients understand their diagnosis and discuss treatment options. The goal of this service is to be a guide through the cancer experience.

What Nurse Navigators Help With

  • Clinical information to assist in making informed decisions. Our nurse navigator can ensure you have complete and accurate information about your diagnosis and the latest treatment options available.
  • Referrals to the resources you need. Cancer treatment can be physically, emotionally and spiritually demanding. Nurse navigators can help minimize any distress by listening to your concerns and referring you to sources of helpful information and support.
  • Help facilitate communication among healthcare providers and schedule appointments. Our nurse navigators will work to keep your entire healthcare team informed of your progress and make sure your appointments are scheduled as conveniently and quickly as possible.
  • Transportation should not be a barrier to getting care. If you have trouble getting to your doctor appointments, our navigator may be able to assist you in arranging transportation to and from your appointments.
  • Assistance locating resources to ease the heavy financial burden on patients and their families. Our nurse navigator and social workers may be able to help you find financial assistance with medical and non-medical expenses.
  • Guidance on nutrition during and after cancer treatment. To help you eat better, our nurse navigators can schedule a free appointment with a trained and certified dietician.

Nurse Navigation is Available for the Following Ascension Seton Cancer Programs:

Cancer Care

Navigation services are available to Ascension Seton Infusion Center and Comprehensive Brain and Spine Tumor patients from diagnosis through treatment. Navigators are part of a larger team of cancer professionals working to provide patients and families with all the services needed to fight cancer. Our navigators will work to ensure you receive effective and comprehensive cancer care by:

  • Helping patients understand their diagnosis, treatment options and clinical trials.
  • Working in partnership with patients and their families to identify and prioritize financial, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.
  • Coordinating care so patients make their appointments and reducing unnecessary hospitalizations.

Cancer Care Collaborative

Clinical nurse navigators are professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to support the cancer patient throughout the cancer experience. Our navigators assist both patients and healthcare providers by:

  • Facilitating and expediting new patient referrals to the CCC.
  • Collaborating with and coordinating communication between patients and their healthcare providers.
  • Providing access to appropriate resources and referrals based on an individualized assessment of patients’ needs and concerns surrounding treatment.
  • Sharing education and emotional support to patients diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer Screening

Ascension Seton Cancer Screening nurse navigators are available to ensure patients have access to diagnostic screenings and follow-up services. To provide a seamless system of care, navigators provide the coordination of care, appointments and services needed for the patients to complete the recommended follow-up testing if there is a diagnosis. Our navigators are also able to help with:

  • Eliminating barriers to care by working with primary care physicians, social workers and multiple community partners to facilitate the necessary care for the patient.
  • Helping patients find programs that can assist with the high cost of completing the necessary testing for those who are low income and uninsured.
  • Based on diagnostic testing results, our navigators can share guidance and information regarding next steps.

Ascension Seton Cancer Survivor Center

Ascension Seton Cancer Survivor Center patient navigator is a nurse that specializes in and studies the problems cancer survivors face. The navigator works for you to help you stay as healthy as possible after your cancer treatment. The navigator provides education, coordinates care and serves as a trusted partner in your healthcare.

A patient navigator, your guide to life after cancer treatment, will:

  • Create a list of all the treatments you received for your cancer.
  • Develop a plan to help you stay as healthy and active as possible.
  • Help you find a primary care physician if you do not have one.
  • Collaborate with your primary care physician to address any late effects you may experience.