It’s All About the Baby

At Ascension Seton Southwest, “It’s all about the baby” is our mantra. “All about the baby” is often repeated on our unit and integrated into all that we do. Having a baby is an intensely personal experience and our nursing staff respects and supports the decisions you make about your birthing experience. Nearly 750 babies were born at Ascension Seton Southwest Hospital last year. Each one was unique and received highly attentive and individualized care.

Maternity Unit Capacity

Ascension Seton Southwest’s small unit allows for the most personal of care to be delivered within the realm of a professional environment. Most of our nurses are moms themselves and are highly experienced in obstetrical nursing. During labor, our staffing ratio is one-to-one and, after delivery, the nurses care for no more than three mother-baby couplets, allowing mother and baby to receive individualized care and attention.

Labor and Delivery

The Labor and Delivery nurses at Ascension Seton Southwest Hospital have an average of 20 years of experience in women’s health. We have the technology and experience to provide exceptional patient care for mothers and babies to facilitate a satisfying birthing experience. In 2007, Ascension Seton Southwest received the distinguished Amory Codman Award for zero percent infant trauma rating. At Ascension Seton Southwest, we believe “It’s all about the baby” arriving as safely as possible.


The Mother/Baby Unit is built around the LDRP concept, meaning you labor, deliver, recover and postpartum all in the same room. Mother and baby are a “couplet” and the same nurse will take care of both, providing continued, personal support with all of our babies stay in the room with their mothers.


  • Professional care delivered in a small, friendly and quiet environment.
  • Lactation consultant available 7 days a week with outpatient lactation consultants also available.
  • Free wireless internet.
  • Complimentary Postpartum Therapeutic Massage – New mothers receive a complimentary 20-minute postpartum therapeutic massage. Additional massage minutes may be purchased at the hospital front desk or at the Ascension Seton Southwest Sports Rehab clinic.