Seton Medical Center Williamson Virtual Tour

Nursing Excellence

Seton Williamson is committed to providing excellence in nursing care to moms and newborns. Our nursing staff are experienced and committed to providing a quality experience to our mothers and babies.

Easy Access

For your convenience, we provide a separate, private circle drive entrance to the Women’s Center with close designated parking.

Maternity Registration and Admissions

A warm smile and friendly service await you upon your arrival. Expectant mothers are encouraged to pre-register with us 20 to 24 weeks into their pregnancy. Pre-registration may reduce check-in time when you arrive in labor. Forms for pre-registration are available from your OB physician’s office or from the hospital admissions office.

Labor and Delivery Room

Our spacious Labor and Delivery rooms offer a comfortable setting while you wait for your new one to arrive. Our rooms have windows to bring in natural light, private bathrooms with showers, a television, a sleeper sofa for dad and a rocker/recliner for special cuddling time with your new baby.

A Waiting Room and Gathering Place for Friends and Family

Complete with comfortable chairs, lots of space and children’s tables, the Women’s Center waiting area offers plenty of room for family and friends to gather as they wait for the good news.

Cozy Place to Bond with Baby / Skin to Skin

Immediately after delivery and as long as mom and baby are both stable, baby will be placed “skin to skin” and will be undisturbed until feeding is established. We call this the “Golden Hour”; a time when mom and dad can bond with baby, after which visitors are welcome. In addition, evidence-based research has shown that delaying the bath can help babies thermoregulate and greatly increases better and prolonged breastfeeding.

Mother/Baby Room

At the end of the recovery period, most parents and newborns are moved to the Mother/Baby Unit. The Mother/Baby rooms provide more privacy and fewer interruptions from the close medical monitoring that is necessary in the Labor and Delivery room. The rooms are designed for comfort with natural lighting from the window, pull-out sofa for dad and other amenities.

Helpful Technology at Your Fingertips

All maternity rooms are equipped with Interactive Television (ITV). Using a wireless keyboard, the ITV gives you access to patient education videos, surveys, Internet, select movies on demand, housekeeping requests—all through your TV monitor. Don’t forget that Seton Williamson is an all wireless facility, offering free wireless service so that you or your loved ones can have online access through your personal laptop computers throughout the hospital.

Delicious Meals at Your Request

Seton Medical Center Williamson has replaced the standard hospital fare with room service, offering healthy gourmet choices that reflect classic as well as regional tastes. Fresh-to-order meals are delivered to your room at the time you select—all just a phone call away.

Breastfeeding Support

All nurses are especially trained to provide breastfeeding support and education.  In addition, board certified lactation consultants are available.  Seton Williamson is recognized and designated by the Texas Department of Health Services, as a Texas Ten Step hospital for providing optimal breastfeeding support to new mothers. The Mother/Baby rooms are fully equipped with pumping equipment and a comfortable chair and ottoman.

Peace of Mind

At Seton Williamson we have special security measures in place for our newborns. The Maternity Unit is equipped with a state-of-the-art infant security system. A special wireless device is attached to a newborn’s umbilical cord at birth, and a security monitor tracks all infant locations within the unit. If a baby wearing the device is moved to an exit, an alarm is triggered. Other security protocols include matching ID bands for baby and parents as well as special pink ID badges for nurses on our unit.

The Spiritual Side of Healing

Seton Williamson offers all patients and visiting loved ones a place for spiritual healing and meditation. The Chapel and Interfaith Meditation Room are located on the first floor and are open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Chaplains are available for visitation, prayer, spiritual and emotional support, sacramental ministry, assistance with advanced directives, ethics clarification and support.

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth, in the Healing Garden just outside of the Chapel, offers another way to quietly reflect and find tranquility during a hospital stay.

Snack Time

While visiting the happy couple, families and friends can enjoy a cup of coffee and pastries at our Coffee Bar located in the hospital main lobby.


Or, they can enjoy specially prepared meals—from the salad bar and the grill to the frozen yogurt station—in the cafeteria. Enjoy a delicious meal in the bright open space inside, or sit outside and enjoy the peaceful sound of the waterfall.

Gifts to Welcome Baby

Operated by our Volunteers, the Great Habits Gift Shop offers a variety of gift ideas, from flowers to teddy bears, to congratulate the new family. The gift shop is conveniently located by the hospital main lobby.

Special Delivery to Your Home!

Most mothers stay 1 to 2 days after an uncomplicated vaginal delivery and 2 to 4 days after a cesarean delivery. Before going home you will complete paperwork and have the opportunity to ask for any additional educational materials for you and baby. Your doctor, as well as your baby’s pediatrician, will write orders for your discharge. Don’t forget to bring loose-fitting clothes for yourself and pre-washed clothes for your baby to wear home. Most importantly, be sure to have a safe car seat ready and properly buckled in your car. A staff member will escort you to your car. Congratulations!